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Luzchem Research

Laser Flash Photolysis

Laser Flash Photolysis

Luzchem's complete Time-Resolved transient absorption spectrometer allows measurement and analysis in time scales from nanoseconds to seconds.  It has a small footprint.

Complete laser flash photolysis system  for spectroscopic and kinetic measurements, including: ceramic xenon light source (with ozone free lamp); 125 mm monochromator; Tektronix digitizer with 70 MHz bandwidth; photomultiplier and power supply; computer; cell holder and fiber optic connectors; fiber optic sensor for laser-sensing pre-trigger signal; all interfaces and software needed to operate the system. Does not include laser.

Our system eliminates the need for lamp pulsing which improves signal-to-noise, extends lamp life, gives better signal baselines, has a more linear detector behaviour and reduces sample degradation.  It is a turnkey system which once installed allows for easy switching between Absorption and Diffuse Reflectance (if both options are purchased).  It can synchronize with laser pulses connection-free and offers a unique compact footprint.

Time Response:

Detector approximately 7 ns risetime

Digitizer: 70 MHz band with: 2 GS/s sample rate; record length: 5 M points; Series TBS2000B

Short timescales: 10 ns with built in amplifier

Long time scales: Millisecond measurements readily performed.

Lead time 8-12 weeks.

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