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LZC Photoreactor

LZC Photoreactor

Luzchem's LZC photoreactors are closed-chamber benchtop reactors designed specifically for use in research or educational facilities. Spacious, air-cooled interiors make them user-friendly. Every unit includes a safety interlock, integrated timer, a bulkhead connector, an hour meter, and safety glasses. These reactors feature a safe exhaust system and operate using 120/240 V power. Option of top, side or top and side lamps and a plethora of accessories make them ideal for any research requirements.  Our photoreactors offer uniform irradiation, large closed chambers 12 * 12 * 8.5 inches high and air cooling.

These photoreactors are compatible with Luzchem's entire line of UV and Visible LZC-Series lamps.  Our lamps are compatible with many Rayonet reactors.

Secure your photoreactor and join the community of researchers and educators who depend on Luzchem today.  Check out our published exposure standards for spectral information.  More options are available if  you contact our sales team at

A preferred instrument for research in photochemistry, photobiology and organic chemistry, as well as in teaching labs around the world.

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