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LED Illuminator

LED Illuminator

Introducing the LED-Illuminator (LEDi) by Luzchem – your ultimate cost-effective solution for precise sample irradiation. The LEDi is a versatile powerhouse, equipped with cutting-edge technology offering seven high power LEDs on each interchangeable head, and adjustable intensity to meet your specific needs. Our innovative design, incorporating state-of-the-art LEDs and precision optics, concentrates all LEDs onto a single focal point, delivering maximum power precisely where it's required while keeping your samples as cool as possible.  The air gap between your sample and the LEDs ensures that your sample is as cool as possible.  If you want a cooler sample, it can be coupled with a temperature controlled sample compartment such as the Qpod from Quantum Northwest. 

Explore our selection of easily interchangeable sample holders, including the standard cuvette holder, P-tube holder, vial holder, NMR tubes all featuring integrated magnetic mixers. For larger samples, our stand-alone magnetic stirrer complements the LEDi seamlessly or you can use a vertical adaptor to irradiate slides or petrie dishes.  Designed with efficiency in mind, the LEDi minimizes benchtop space requirements and ensures user-friendly operation. This solution is very compact, reliable and cost effective since you only need to buy the base once and can then purchase add new LED heads as your needs change.  The front panel provides clear, adjustable output  readings allowing dimming and facilitating easy replication of desired conditions.

The LEDi's output is further enhanced by dividing it into four "power banks," allowing you to manipulate beam geometry and/or activate/deactivate specific colors with our multi-color heads.  

Select from our RGB head, featuring two red, two green, two blue, and one white LED, or choose from our extensive range of high-powered single-colored LEDi-Heads, each boasting seven of the highest-quality LEDs available. Our LED-Heads are very easy to interchange.  We continuously monitor the market for the latest LEDs, integrating them seamlessly into the LEDi system. Our LED illuminators have consistently demonstrated results ten times faster than traditional LED systems in laboratories across the globe.

Check out the comparison and check out how much faster it makes Sonashira.

In a study done by:

Elhage, A.; Lanterna, A. E.; Scaiano, J. C., "Light-Induced Sonogashira C–C Coupling under Mild Conditions Using Supported Palladium Nanoparticles", ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 2018, 6, 1717-1722. 

Found that the Luzchem LEDi made Sonogashira 10x faster than a conventional LED.


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