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ICH Photoreactors

ICH Photoreactors

Luzchem ICH compliant photostability chambers meet the requirements of the ICH guidelines - "International Conference on Harmonization; Guidelines for the Photostability Testing of New Drug Substances and Products"  We offer both Option 1 and Option 2 chambers.  Option 1 chambers use a 300W Xenon Lamp and filters to achieve the required dose of irradiation.  Option 2 chambers use fluorescent lamps to achieve the required dose of irradiation.  Both style of chambers use power meters to ensure that the dose is accurate. 

For option 2 we offer both traditional photoreactors as well as computer controlled photoreactors. 

The LZC-ICH2 is certified compliant with ICH guidelines under option 2. Holds eight side and eight top lamps. Includes 16 UVA and 16 visible lamps, power meter, digital timer, carousel, turntable, recessed magnetic stirrer, bulkhead connector for gases, safety goggles and a safe exhaust system. Also included is temperature control from 25 to 45ºC. Certification includes mapping of energy distribution in the chamber.

The computer controlled photoreactors uses a USB interface. It automatically logs exposure conditions.  All exposure conditions are controlled from the software and parameters logged include exposure time and exposure dose.  Ideal for pharmaceutical testing and any other industry with stringent documentation requirements. It includes UVA and Visible lamps (16 of each), safe exhaust system, a pair of safety goggles, installed drive motor, carousel, turntable and magnetic stirrer.

For more information on our photostability chambers do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information on ICH guidelines visit our ICH primer page.


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