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Thin Film Analysis (TFA)

Thin Film Analysis (TFA)

The Thin Film Analysis instrument is a dissolution rate monitor (DRM) that helps you analyze the properties of thin films. It offers superior sensitivity, accuracy, and repeatability, so you can have confidence in your results. This instrument is an ideal solution for researching thin films in a wide range of industries.

All TFA instruments combine the power of interferometric measurement of dry and wet thin film thickness with a versatile cost effective dissolution rate monitor.  Among the types of samples tested with the TFA-11 are resists, anti-reflective coatings, UV protecting films, and paint coating on various surfaces. 

Luzchem's design requires only 1 ml of developer rather than the large volumes frequently needed.  Multiple measurements are possible in a single wafer, typically 4 measurements in a 3 inch wafer and over 30 measurements in an 8 inch wafer.  Select any wavelength between 400 and 850 nm or use the multi-wavelength analysis available in our software package.

The TFA can operate readily on typical silicon wafers, on transparent or fully reflective substrates and its base provides remarkable mechanical and thermal stability. 

Film thickness range: 100 nm to over 5 microns.  Dissolution: time to clear: 5 seconds to 1-hour range.  If you have questions do not hesitate contact us via Chat or

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