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Well Plate Illuminator

Well Plate Illuminator

Luzchem’s WPI - Well Plate Illuminators are benchtop reactors designed for use in the research or education lab.  The WPI is designed for use with a 24 Well Plates or with vials. This illuminator offers stable and uniform irradiance to each well.  The LEDs used in our illuminators have a long lifespan eliminating the need for frequent replacements and reducing your maintenance costs.  Additionally our system's robust full-metal design ensures it can withstand regular use in a laboratory setting. 

WPI packs a ton of power into a small footprint.  It uses air cooling of the LEDS to keep your samples cool and the water resistant top makes clean up of spills a breeze. 

Currently offered in 400 nm, Cool White 4000K, Blue, Green, broad Green (Lime GR2), Amber, Red and 720 nm (Deep Red)

An optional shield is also available.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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