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  1. Photoreactors and Photoreactor packages available in Fluorescent, UV, Visible, LED and Xenon light sources. These benchtop photochemical reactors are available with top, and/or side lamps.  We have pre-established packages including our LZC-4V our most popular and versatile photochemical reactor.  Our LZC-ICH2 package was designed for the pharmaceutical industry to meet ICH guidelines under option 2.  Our LZC-ORG package was designed for the organic chemist doing UV light irradiation.  It has only side lamps and is another popular choice.  If you are looking for an LED photoreactor, we recommend the LZC-4L.  It is based on the LZC-4V package but instead of UVA and UVC lamps; Blue LED and Green LED lamps are included.  The power meter is calibrated for Blue and Green LED power.  All Luzchem photo-illuminated reactors include a safety interlock. Luzchem has been designing photoreactors for over 25 years. We can also provide LED lamps that can be used without modification in photoreactors designed for fluorescent tubes.
  2. Solar Simulators – Luzchem offers two distinct different types of Solar Simulation.
    1. The SolSim2 is based on an ozone free xenon Lamp and is filtered to approximate the AM1.5 solar spectrum as defined in ASTM G173-23 in the 300-800 nm range.
    2. LED-SOL is a solar simulator designed using 25 high power LEDs homogenized and projected to a semi-focussed point. Covers the wavelength interval between 400-1100 nm. Characterized of having a spectrum matching class AAA as defined in IEC 60904-9.
  3. LED Illuminators: In a huge variety of wavelengths including UVA.  A high power solution optimized for small samples.  It is optimized for using with a test tube, cuvette or vial however, it can be used with flasks.  It includes sample mixing for cuvettes, vials or test tubes.  Includes 4 power banks and variable power which is reproducible by an output current display.  Lightweight and benchtop compatible.
  4. Well Plate Illuminators designed for high throughput chemistry. Each well plate is a single colour and uses a specialized light tube and lens to minimize cross talk between samples.  Samples in 24 well plates or use vials and irradiate 24 samples.  Available in a variety of colours including UV (400 nm), White, Blue, Green, Lime, Amber, Red, 660 nm and 730 nm. Build with a heatsink and cooling fan for excellent sample temperature stability and LED performance.
  5. Extra Large Photoreactors with heating: Available with any of the LZC lamps including fluorescent and LED. Hold up to 20 lamps and has active heating up to 40oC for concurrent photoirradiation and heating.  Heating up to 60oC for heat only cycles.  Includes a safety interlock.
  6. Expo Panels in Fluorescent, UV, Visible and LED styles. Cost effective and flexible solution.  This low-cost solution is incredibly versatile tool as panels can be configured in a variety of ways.  Including side by side, top and bottom irradiation and many more.
  7. Laser Flash Photolysis – Luzchem has been manufacturing quality LFP systems since 1999. We were the first to miniaturize the optics to make the system more compact. We offer three monitoring ranges:  240-740 nm, 310-850 nm and 330-850 nm.  Variable Temperature Option available for Transient Absorption.  We offer both Transient Absorption, Diffused reflectance and dual systems
  8. Thin Film Analyzer – for measuring dissolution rates and film thickness between 100 nm to over 10 microns. Available in ambient and temperature controlled (heated up to 150ᵒC). Time to clear in the 5 seconds to 1 hour range.